The aim of the Journal of Advances Research in Science and Engineering (IJARSE) is to provide an international forum for the publication and dissemination of original work that contributes to the understanding of the main and related disciplines of engineering, either empirical or theoretical. This journal is an e-journal having full access to the research and review papers.

The Journal covers the whole spectrum of engineering and science which includes, but is not limited to, Manufacturing, Automation and Mobile Robots, Production Engineering and Fusion Technology, Virtual Reality, Geotechnical, Structural, Transportation, Environmental Engineering, Image Processing, Electronic, Computer, Power, Vehicle, Thermal, Acoustical Engineering, Optical Engineering ,Computational Biology, Materials and Design Engineering, Dynamics, Photonics Networks, Thermal Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering, Biomedical, Genetic, Biochemical, Tissue, Protein Engineering, Virtual Reality, Manufacturing, Component, Systems, Construction, Safety Engineering, Bioengineering, Material, Process, Molecular Engineering, Bioinformatics, Photonics Networks, Data Compression, Search Engine Design, Brain Mapping, Reservoir, Drilling, Production engineering, Vibration and Control, Genomics, Text Abstraction, Fluids Engineering, Physics, Chemistry etc. The purpose of IJARSE is to publish peer reviewed research and review articles on regular basis without delay in the developing field of engineering.

Areas suitable for the Journal include, but are not limited to:

Electronic Engineering
Engineering Electrical Engineering
Engineering Electrical Engineering
Computer Engineering
Software Engineering
Telecommunication Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Electromechanical System Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Agricultural Engineering
Biological & Bio system Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Forestry Engineering
Materials Engineering
Water Resource Engineering
Mineral & Metallurgical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Architecture & Planning
Natural Sciences, Humanities
Engineering Management
Engineering Sciences
Aerospace Engineering
Automotive Engineering
Naval Architectural Engineering
Biomechanical & Biomedical Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
Gas Engineering
Geological Engineering
Geomatics Engineering
Mining Engineering
Oil Engineering
Petroleum Engineering
Engineering Chemistry
Engineering Maths
Engineering Physics
Integrated Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Production Engineering
System Engineering
Aeronautical Engineering
Audio Engineering
Chassis Engineering
Forensic Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering
Marine Engineering
Model Engineering
Nuclear Engineering
Ocean Engineering
Sound Engineering
Structural Engineering Science
Health sciences
Earth Sciences
Social Sciences
Industrial research
Computer Science
Agriculture and Forestry
Environmental sciences
Natural sciences
Political Science