IJARSE (ISSN: 2319-8354)

Volume No. 10, Issue No. 10, October 2021

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Understanding the Practical implications of Chaos Theory  (Page: 01-10)
Smriti Trivedi


A real and accurate Encryption utilizing with compression  (Page: 11-22)
Gowtham Mamidisetti, Ramesh Makala


IoT and Data-driven system for Agriculture Crop Management  (Page: 23-39)
Dr. R Obulakonda Reddy,Dr Chukka Santhaiah , Mr. Sama Surender Reddy, Dr. V Sitharamulu


Smart Healthcare Management Using Blockchain Technology  (Page: 40-54)
Dr. R Obulakonda Reddy,Dr Chukka Santhaiah, Dr. V Sitharamulu, Mr. Sama Surender Reddy


Machine Learning Techniques on Crop Yield Prediction - Sustainable Agrarian Applications  (Page: 55-61)
B. Muralikrishna, Dr. P. Latchoumi, I. Sapthami


Internet of Things-based Intelligent Sensible and management  (Page: 62-69)
Dhyanendra Jain, Prashant Singh, Ashu Jain, Amit Kumar Pandey, Anupam Kumar Sharma